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A Mabvuku man was left distressed after he found Whatsapp love messages in his wife’s mobile phone about an extra-marital affair with one Kudzai Kangwari. The victim of the extra marital affair, Kudzai Muchuchu(32), has since left his matrimonial home, house No.18 Mutumwa Road Mabvuku, to live with his parents in Glenview 1.
Muchuchu said he will never regret exposing his erstwhile lover, Linda Nyamanja(33), after she cheated on him with a married man, Kudzai Kangwari. The father of the two revealed he loved is wife but the fact that she cheated him with Kangwari who is of the Soko totem, was the pointer that wrecked their decade long union.
“I noticed Linda‘s behaviour when I bought her a Samsung smart phone because all along aishandisa kambudzi asipo pa WhatsApp and thought it was wise to sit down and talk. At first I asked if money was the problem, but she never said much.
She started coming home late and if she got home early, she never cooked food for me,” said Muchuchu.
Amid the drama, the dreadlocked Muchuchu, who is a hair dresser approached friends at his wife’s workplace at No.167 Magnot Court along Fife Avenue where he was told his wife was now seeing Kungwari.
“Some of her friends told me she was seeing Kangwari. I am told Kangwari comes from Masvingo and the messages I have shown my wife calling her lover by the Soko totem.
“It is surprising that my wife does nails at Natural look Saloon where she works, but she would start shampooing Kangwari who has his barber known as Blessing.
Mashura chaiwo!
“When I got home (Mabvuku) after Christmas, I stole the phone I had bought for her and exchanged lines. What I found was horrible,” added Muchuchu.
Armed with conversations between his wife and Kangwaro, Muchuchu told our source that Linda sent him a message that she was no longer interested in him prompting Muchuchu to leave his matrimonial home.
“Before I left her, I was giving her space and during that time I told her that we go and settle matters with our aunties, but she refused. Traditionally it is men who are known for divorcing their wife, but today I have these messages as evidence that I want the wold to know that cheating does not pay.
“I am hurt my brother. I nearly committed suicide because I paid lobola and this woman is telling me story yekuti ndiri mukwasha? Vanhu ava vandirwadzisa kani,” lamented Muchuchu.
In the Whatsapp conversations, Kangwari encourages Linda to “cut ties” with Muchuchu’s family after the latter had told the former that she was going to pay condolences to the Muchuchu family in Warren park after they lost a relative.
In the message, Kangwari asked Linda is she was not scared of being poisoned by her husband‘s relatives if she went to pay condolences.
The message also shows Kangwari asking Linda when they will have sex, with Linda telling her that for now he should find solace in “maiguru” in reference to Kangwari‘s wife.
In the conversations, Kangwari further sent Linda pictures of his daughter only identified as Runyararo.
When our source contacted Linda for comment, her phone was answered by her younger sister who refused to disclose her name.
Muchuchu was divorced by my sister because he is a loser. He does not have anywhere to put his head on because he has no direction. Munhu arikugorwadziwa chete, haana kana zvaainazvo. Linda has a new life.
“Even if you have Whatsapp messages that she communicated with Kangwari you can publish them because that is not a secret if you have the messages,” said the supposedly younger sister.
Kangwari’s phone went unanswered

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