Prostitutes in the Avenues area are partnering with young men in their efforts to lure clients to beat stiff competition that has forced them to charge a dollar for a quickie.

The young men fondle exposed breasts, undress the women and make seductive moves in a bid to attract potential clients who will be passing by. Among the young men being used in the acts are airtime vendors and hwindis operating near Avenues Clinic along Chinamano Avenue.

"Huya uyamwe babie, huya ndezvako zvese izvi uyu haazvigone,' one of the hookers was heard saying while in the arms of a young man behind her back.

One of the young men being engaged in the act said he gets 2 rand for every client who hooks up with the lady after their sex session.

"Havatitarise ndivanasisi vedu. Kutsvaga mari mukoma hauzokumbirawo yemudzanga wefodya, varume vazhinji vanotapirirwa nazvo ndotorerwa babie ndozopiwa R2 sistren vadzoka panzvimbo," he said.

He revealed that motorists are involved in negligent driving accidents as they drive with their eyes fixed on the half-naked ladies and no police reports are made since they will be operating in the area 'where angels do not tread'.

The sex workers who work 24/7, conceded that times were hard and they were now taking anything that would have been offered.

"Times are hard my dear. We used to charge at least $20 but now you can have men offering as little as a dollar. Imagine having spent the day without eating anything, with nothing in your pocket, you would definitely take whatever is on offer. We sometimes travel to as far as Raylton Sports club where we buy BronCleer to enhance our bodies' resistance against colds since we move around half naked to attract our clients.

"The competition is so stiff so you have to be intoxicated to do away with shyness nekuti pane pamwe unosangana nehama saka tinotanda nyadzi toita basa," said the young sex worker.

"Not all days are really bad because we have our married clients who actually have better offers. The problem is that some of them request for unprotected sex the moment they become regulars. Sometimes we go home with more than $60 on a good day" added another lady of the night who operates along Baines avenue

Motorists among them high profile people driving expensive cars are seen hooking up with these ladies of the night.

Meanwhile old generation sex workers are blaming the young sex workers for reducing the standards of the profession accusing them of taking 'peanuts' from clients as they try to push the seniors out of business.

"Of course times are really hard but these young ladies have really lowered standards .you would rather go home empty handed than to have sex for a dollar, they won't thrive at this rate.

"I took my kids to school and even bought a stand because we had standards. My dear, this is the oldest profession and these young girls will only expose themselves to HIV at this rate.

"I have been into sex work for over 15 years now, although I plan to retire soon. I only give my address to a few special clients who I service at home," said one sex worker from Machipisa.

The revelations come at a time the National AIDS Council(NAC) reported that that the new crop of sex workers was highly exposed to HIV and STIs than their seniors because they were employing all desperate tactics to lure clients.

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