Binga sangoma caught red-handed stark naked, digging grave at midnight

Published on 13 March 2014
Written by Staff Reporter

Binga stark naked sangoma caught red-handed digging grave at midnight Villagers from Siabuwa area in Binga got the shock of their lives last Sunday after a fellow villager was caught stark naked, opening his mother's grave in the middle of the night.

The man, mathias Munkuli (32), who is a self proclaimed sangoma, was reportedly caught red-handed digging up his mother's grave and claimed that he was exorcising evil spirits that had been haunting his family. he was caught by imbibers who were coming from a beer binge at the local shopping centre.

A close source who witnessed the incident, Abel Muleya, said he caught the 'night rider' exhuming his deceased mother's body, saying he needed to anoint it with 'holy oil' so as to stop his mother's ghost from further tormenting his family.

"I was on my way home from Siabuwa centre with my friends. When we approached Munkuli's homestead we saw a dark shadow at the gravesite. I tip-toed towards the figure only to see Munkuli stark naked, digging the grave while singing a traditional song. I quickly slipped away and alerted my friends. We teamed up and ambushed him," said Muleya.

It is alleged that Munkuli went on to sprinkle the coffin with 'holy water' while speaking in 'tongues' which made witnesses run for dear life before mobiling other villagers to witness the incident.

"Upon confronting him, Munkuli told us that he was chasing away his mother's spirit which was haunting his family. Then he sprinkled water on the coffin and grave while speaking in an unknown language. In a fit of fright we vanished into thin air," added Muleya.

When reached for comment, the sangoma admitted digging the grave.

"I was told by my ancestors to sprinkle the coffin with holy oil so as to save my family from the ghost which was terrorising my family. We were having sleepless nights because of a ghost that had unleashed a reign of terror on us," he said.


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mai tino
+1 # mai tino 2014-03-13 11:58
mmm itsotsi murume uyu ndidzo n'anga dziye dzinotora maoko nemaziso pazvitunha kuitira kuzonyebera maclients kuti mumusha menyu makaiswa ruoko nevaroyi, apa kutaura in tongues yaiva disguise yekuti ruzhinji rutize agosara onyatsoita basa rake
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Ohh yes God have mercy!
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Une rudzi namai hr iwe
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Mashura awa god hev mercy on this family
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mapurisa munototi kudiiwo nemurume uyu batai munhu
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Munhu kuJere ari kupumha mai uroyi
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