BULAWAYO High Court judge Justice Nokuthula Moyo has described a Gokwe wife killer as a heartless and evil man who deserved to be removed from society forever, as she sentenced him to life imprisonment.
Edmore Nyamazana, 35, of Nyamazana village under Chief Njelele area brutally stabbed his wife, Lizzy Mpofu, 33, 12 times in the head, neck and cheek before dumping the body in a stream.
Justice Moyo sitting in a circuit in Hwange on Thursday convicted Nyamazana of a charge of murder with actual intent. In her judgment, Justice Moyo said although there was no one who witnessed the murder, there was circumstantial evidence linking Nyamazana to the crime committed in 2011.
“Although there was no eye witness account on the murder itself, there’s circumstantial evidence linking Nyamazana to the gruesome and most callous act. Clearly, it’s not disputed that Nyamazana was the last person to be seen with his wife,” said the judge.
“You killed your own wife in the most callous and brutal manner by stabbing her 12 times targeting the most vulnerable parts of the body and tearing through major blood vessels, a clear indication that you intended to cause her death.”
Justice Moyo said for his actions, Nyamazana deserved to rot in jail.
“The brutal murder sends chills down the spine and Nyamazana should be grateful to the technical aspects surrounding the imposition of a death penalty. He has escaped death on that technicality,” said the judge.
Justice Moyo said Nyamazana was an unrepentant and heartless man who showed no remorse throughout the trial.
“He should be completely removed from society and never be seen again. People like him who don’t respect life should be banished from society and in the circumstances a life imprisonment will meet the justice of the matter,” ruled Justice Moyo.
Prosecuting, Memory Munsaka said on December 2, 2011, Mpofu was attending a church service in Nkayi when her husband came from Gweru and took her.
The court heard that the two went outside and they had a private discussion after which they left together in the company of a Sibanda heading towards Mpofu’s homestead.
“Along the way they met some people who were travelling in a scotch-cart and they offered them a lift. Sibanda boarded the cart while Nyamazana refused and remained behind with his wife,” said Munsaka.
The court heard that Nyamazana dragged his wife to a nearby stream where he allegedly stabbed her several times on the neck, cheek and head.
He fled from the scene leaving Mpofu’s body lying in a pool of blood.
The body was discovered by a villager the following day and her family made a police report after being informed.
According to the post-mortem results, pathologists concluded that the cause of death was due to multiple neck stabbing and haemorrhage shock.
Nyamazana had been on the run and was arrested in November last year.