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Woman consumes rat poison over Whatsapp porn with married man (PHOTO) A Harare tailor reportedly downed rat poison on Sunday after her nude pictures with a married man leaked and circulated on Whatsapp groups chats one of which she belonged to.

Thobekile Mandula (PICTURED) and the married man, Gerry Rabson feature on the pictures. Fellow tailors at the Bush House along Cameron Street had to rush Thobekile to Parirenyatwa Hospital after the incident. Thobekile failed to stomach the comments she was receiving on social media. News reporters could not establish who posted the pictures.

In the controversial pictures Thobekile features with Gerry by her side and other nude Photographs where she parades her privates. Thobekile confirmed the incident saying the doctor advised her to to receive counselling from elders after she survived the attempted suicide.

"I failed to stomach it after someone posted the photographs in our group chat and people made their comments. I took rat poison over those photographs and anything concerning Gerry and I respect my privacy that I can not entertain the press. After all I was advised by the doctor to seek counselling and stop involving myself with people like you so you better leave this place, Thank you," said Thobekile.

Meanwhile, a source close to Thobekile claimed that she always boasted that Gerry preferred her to his official wife, Catherine.

"Thobekile always brags about her illicit affair with Gerry saying she  used love potions to lure him and claims that his wife might not be enjoying her conjugal rights after she visited a sangoma. We have been warning her over the issue and I want to believe Catherine's prayers were heard which resulted in this."

Gerry confirmed  the incident and begged the reporters not to publish the story saying the damage had already been done.

"Inotambika umwe wangu but I think publishing the story will worsen the situation since my wife is fuming about it. I have come to reason with you about the story and if you are going to publish the story then there is no need for me to say much about what you are asking. I strongly suspect that my wife took advantage of my coming home late and drunk and took the memory card and posted the photographs on the group, it is not Thobe's ex boyfriend who did it. The story gets published and disappears but kutamba hakubvaruki tinozosangana somewhere and it will not go well with you," threatened Gerry.

The news crew tracked down Catherine who could neither confirm nor deny posting the photographs saying she solves her marital problems with he husband , not the press.

"Anything to do with my marriage is solved between me and my husband and I can not comment about the photographs I did not take," said Catherine refusing to answer other questions.

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