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A POLYGAMOUS businessman’s second wife last week exchanged blows with her husband’s married lover after she caught them caressing each other in a parked car at a lodge in Eastlea.

Joshine Marange could not stomach seeing her polygamous husband only identified as Shumba in a company of his former tenant Trukas Manyonga, who has been left by her husband Brizito Sunday over infidelity.

Shumba is married to sisters Maria and Joshine while Trukas is a clothing vendor based at Charge Office. Joshine teamed up with Brizito to attack the cheats following a tip-off.

The plan was to attack them when they got into a room but Joshine could not wait for Shumba to enter the lodge with Trukas as the lodge was full and she attacked them while they caressed in the car.

“Shumba and Trukas were waiting outside the lodge since it was fully booked by the time around 11am,” impeccable sources told H-Metro.

“Trukas was pulled from the car by Joshine and a fight ensued attracting people to the scene. Shumba sped off after Brizito threatened to attack him, tikabva tatanga kutora zvedu mifananidzo yefight.

“Shumba akawanika achiri pakukoka hasha akamirira kupinda mulodge,” said the source.

The video footage is now circulating in Glen View 1 where Trukas is now a tenant after separating with Brizito. Shumba confirmed the cheating with Trukas saying their affair started when the latter was a tenant at his house in Mufakose.

“I never proposed to Trukas but she admired me since she was living with her husband at my house as tenants,” said Shumba.

“She loves sex too much and does not respect married wives and I realised it later that she was after wrecking my marriage.

“I have two wives and one of them teamed up with Trukas’s husband and tracked us to where it happened but I love my two wives and this Trukas is a devil.

“I regret my actions and see it better to return to church, ndiri mupositori weJohanne Masowe yeChishanu,” said Shumba.

Trukas threatened H-Metro with unspecified action saying she is connected to members of criminal investigation department.

“Enda unobvunza mai vako zvakaitika musi wauri kubvunza”. To hell! If that story is published you will face the music. I have connections at CID wazvinzwa?” fumed Trukas.

Brizito confirmed the incident saying he had since separated with Trukas after discovering that she was ever cheating.

“Trukas must be possessed with evil spirits because she is never satisfied with one man, she has boyfriends paflea market paanoshandira, kumba kwaarikugara kunevamwe,” said Brizito.

“Do you remember that you published her in your paper last year in March and from that time I caught her several times cheating and I am legally married to her,” said Brizito.

Joshine refused to entertain H-Metro to give her side of the story.


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