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A Gweru man allegedly took a traditional aphrodisiac commonly known as vhuka vhuka and s*xually abused his neighbour's two chickens before turning on a 70-year-old woman whom he raped the entire night on Saturday.

Reason Mpofu thought to be about 30 years old, reportedly bought the s*x performance booster from an old man in the Mangwande area of Lower Gweru, under Chief Mkoba on Thursday.

He reportedly told friends on Saturday morning that he wanted to fix the old man because the concoction was not working as he had been drinking it the whole night without change.

He is said to have complained that he had taken all of the s*x-booster, which was supposed to last him about a month, without feeling any change.

"When the concoction started working on Saturday evening, he went into overdrive and had s*x with his neighbour's two chickens resulting in their death. He then tried to rape his neighbour's wife but she screamed and he ran away. The woman reported the issue to the Neighbourhood Watch Committee (NWC) and we organised a manhunt," said a member of the NWC.

The NWC failed to locate Mpofu on Saturday. He had invaded a nearby homestead where he found the granny who stays with a grandson who is hard of hearing.

"He grabbed the woman and threatened to stab her if she resisted. He went on to have s*x with her several times during the night without her consent. Reason escaped from the old woman's hut in the early hours of Sunday morning. When she had sufficiently recovered towards midday, the woman made a report at headman Njini's home.

The headman organised a manhunt and Mpofu was captured on Monday when he tried to sneak into his homestead.

He was handed over to the police. Mose Ncube (54), a villager said traditional aphrodisiacs were slow acting but potent.

"These are very powerful concoctions but the problem is that there is no measured dosage. People are only told to drink a cupful and the size of the cup is not specified. The strength of a portion also varies with the batch. We always warn them not: to overdose but they never listen as they often expect instant results," said Ncube.

He said bedroom athletes bought the performance enhancers for between $1 and $5 adding that they were essential for men who toiled at the farms everyday but still needed to s*xually satisfy their wives and girlfriends.

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