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Gospel artist Fungisai Mashavave Zvakavapano says she has been shocked by the level of abuse directed at her on social media. She said she has not eaten or slept properly for days because of the attacks.

She said : "If i say I've not been affected by the cyber bullying I am going thru with my personal pics being photo shopped everywhere in a degrading manner then I would be lying. Satday afternn I was dressed down in my home gear for an indoor recording session with my kid before we were suddenly interrupted tikazoperekedza the producer to his ZIFM interview in between the session. When I got there everyone was excited to see their charts topping artist and I thot it wld be inappropriate for me to turn the djs on photo shoots. But before I knew it I was being attacked left right and centre for being a simple girl that my mom gave birth to. I am a simple, natural artist and it seems my simplicity is failing to match the super being society expects me to be. Truth is handigoni zvese.. chandakapihwa ndechekuimba and I am believing God to see me thru. This cyber bullying is my worst experience but ndangosiira zvese in God's hands. I have gone for days without appropriate sleep or food for loss of appetite and sleep all coz I am being attacked for the success of Daidzai Vakuru; competitors and enemies vying for my blood.

My personal life is shaken ...Its a miracle that I can still hold my shoulders high and wave back , pose for pictures with thousands of fans I meet when travelling in my branded car under the circumstances. God knows I have lived all my life to please him and people. At least I have tried, Mwari ngavandirwire pahondo iyi coz my dream still has to come true and I will not succumb to these attacks..... not before the mission is over. Am probably working on my last album which I believe will accomplish what he sent me to do on earth coz semunhu ndaneta form being torn apart.

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