THE Andrew Wutawunashe-led Family of God (FOG) church has split after a group of elders and some congregants walked out in protest over their leader’s recent messy divorce with wife, Ruth.

Members of the AFM church wait outside the Bulawayo High Court to hear the court ruling on the case.

The disgruntled former congregants have formed a splinter church called Family Covenant Church (FCC), led by Bishop Henry Muzhari, who is based in Bulawayo.

FOG, ranked among the pioneers of Pentecostalism in the country, formally split on March 9 over what insiders said was sparked by Wutawunashe’s decision to divorce Ruth and settling with a Botswana based-church member, Masego Makhao.

FCC spokesperson Charles Masunungure confirmed yesterday that their grouping was officially launched on Sunday at the Large City Hall in Bulawayo.

“We have 21 branches across the world, including in every town in Zimbabwe,” he said, adding other branches were in Pretoria (South Africa) and Birmingham in the United Kingdom.

Masunungure said the new church believed in “peace with all people, including those in the Family of God church”.

“As FCC, we acknowledge the great role Apostle and Prophet Andrew Wutawunashe played in our lives over the last three decades, that is his teaching is the true and undefiled word of God,” he said. “As FCC, we implore our global membership to refrain from the use of hate language against anyone, including against those in the FOG church, where most of us have relatives.”

Masunungure said FCC’s vision was anchored on four pillars.

“Evangelism, discipleship, building a habitation of God and a place of His presence and His glory, and preaching and teaching the full counsel of God as revealed in the Scriptures,” he said.

Wutawunashe could not be reached for comment yesterday.

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0#Philosopher2016-03-17 20:54
And it shall come to pass....
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+1#Vusi2016-03-18 08:24
zanu pf split
mdc split
afm split
zaoga split
orchestra mberikwazvo split
now FoG split
everything spilt split split split split split split
New era by Michael chingwangwa in store now for more information whattsup me on 0027738628077
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0#jonso2016-03-18 08:34
As a church, we should forgive each other. Why didnt they forgive their leader instead of forming their own church.?
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0#Vusi2016-03-18 09:25
jonso dont forget the is tithe involved here
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0#Vusi2016-03-18 10:19
ko vamunyori kana muchitaura nezve FoG. A F M yapinda papi
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0#Simon2016-03-18 11:51
The big question is who is qualified and sober enough amongst us to judge and condemn others especially on matters spiritual.
If your eye causes you to sin pluck it out and if its either your wife or husband part ways amicably.
Whether right or wrong before God its ultra vires to man.
And those walking out how holy are they in God's view ?
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0#yenziwe2016-04-12 10:58
church isn't FOG or FCC or any other congregation with a name we go every sunday or satureday. church is Christ, when u r born again and baptised Christ lives in u, u r the church Christ promised to come and get when its time. FOG, AFM, FCC, PHD, SDA, Catholic, Masowe u name it all are just organisations which were started by man and not God. God does not know or recognize any of these. the problem pple are having today is relaying on someone, such mentality and trying to reach to God u will change companies so called churches now and agian bcoz these people are of flash as well there do fall to temptations. the is clear that there is now no man between man man and God but exept the man himself JESUS, on the judgement day God will not Judge u together with ur FOG, FCC, or whatever denomination of yours u love so much. the Bible will be the standard. brothers and sister note that this word of the Bible was not writen for a specific group of people it applies to each and every one on earth, so why so many denominations today some spliting some upcoming some sprounting today, the vision or the interntion isn't seeking God NO, There are just entreprenuers who are utilaisng a chance exposed to make money.

there shall come a time when true worshipers of the Lord will worship Him in truth and spirit, for God is spirit and He seek such worhipers. going to a denomination and doing durties there to an extent of being given posts is not rendering a service to God, u are serving man who will wake up tomorrow changing goal posts, changing, shareholders of their company. worshiping God does not require a so called self ordained pastoers, prophets and apostles, it only seeks ur trueness and pure heart and doing the will of the Father which is love. how will u practise love when u r soaks your 'church' doctrines.

you were bought with a price do not be made a servent of man.

finally read your bible and understand
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