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Some 502 Zimbabweans are languishing in Botswana jails.

Only four Botswana nationals are held in Zimbabwe prisons. The Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Paddy Zhanda, told villagers in Nxele area,
Mangwe District on Thursday that Botswana had complained to the government over Zimbabweans entering the neighbouring country illegally
to commit crimes.

Zhanda, who is visiting villages situated along the Botswana-Zimbabwe border ahead of the June 1 deadline that will see the neighbouring
country shooting stray cattle that enter that country, said a perimeter fence erected between the two countries had been vandalised by smugglers
and other criminals who wanted to illegally enter Botswana. “As I was inspecting what is supposed to be the perimeter fence, I was
shocked by the number of holes I saw. These openings are created by criminals who use them as entry and exit points when committing crimes,”
he said.

“We have 502 Zimbabweans who are currently being held in Botswana prisons and yet we only have four Botswana nationals who are being held
in our cells. There is a need for us to be disciplined as a nation and respect our neighbour’s laws as we also expect them to observe ours.”

Zhanda said erecting a perimeter fence was not the solution but stabilising the country’s economy would enable people to sustain their


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