A Gweru man lost it when his wife attended a Prophet Walter Magaya church service recently.

Sagia Tobias (34) from Mkoba Village 17bashed his wife with an iron bar. He was arrested and appeared before Gweru magistrate Mr Tayengwa Chibanda facing assault charges. He was convicted on his own plea. In passing sentence, Mr Chibanda said Tobias deserved a custodial sentence.

“Normally we give sentences that usually won’t break your marriage but you used severe force to hit your defenceless wife and you also aimed for the head which is a pressure point and could lead to death. You have been sentenced to 18 months in prison of which six months are suspended for five years on condition you do not commit a similar offence. Effectively you will serve 12 months,” he said.

On 31 January at about 3am, Tobias awakened his wife, Shelter Muzavazi, and confronted her to explain why she had attended a Magaya church crusade in Kwekwe. The court heard a heated argument ensued between the two resulting in Tobias taking an iron bar and striking Muzavazi once on the head, three times on her face and twice on the palm.

Muzavazi sustained a deep cut on the head and a swollen mouth. Muzavazi also sustained a fractured jaw as a result of the assault. She managed to escape and sought refuge from neighbours who then accompanied her to the police to report the matter leading to Tobias’ arrest.



+1#Vusi2016-03-28 10:43
not true attention sicker
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+1#Donnoz2016-03-28 11:43
Ooooh this poorest minded Sagia guy nearly killed his Wife just for atteding a PHD crusade.How does Prophet Magaya's name personally fits into this case?
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0#Solo2016-03-28 12:19
A married person informs his/her partner before embarking on a trip. Marriage revolves around trust.

Unoudza umwe usati wafamba kana wakaroorwa. Musoro wemba ndibaba kana baba vakasafarira Pastor Chirigazvidya, mai ngavanzwisise. Kupondana handizvo!
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0#Oliver2016-03-28 18:21
Ko prophet Magaya vapinda pap.please WRITER dnt look for attention.NYORA headline yako zvakanaka.
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0#Philosopher2016-03-28 21:43
This woman is irresponsible,y ou need to agree with your head of house.

I personally don't have interest in Magaya but i can not blame him nokuti haasunge vanhu kuti huyai ku church kwangu

Hanzi kana mukasakudza varume venyu havapinde denga kana nemiwo hamurinhuwe
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0#Philosopher2016-03-28 21:45
Obvoiusly kana munhu achikuda he becomes jealous and start suspecting bad things ukabuda mumba zvisina kubvumirana kana kuoneka.Dofo romukadzi
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0#jackb2016-03-31 10:35
For sure she was supposed to notify her husband but the way he reacted also is too hard for such a simple case like that.

There should be something else besides that.
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