The Kwekwe man who sent President Mugabe a prison uniform as a birthday present has fled the country.

Nkosilathi Emmanuel Moyo (28) said his life was now in danger. "I have been frequently receiving death threats through anonymous calls and a group of four men in dark suits driving a car without number plates are seriously hunting for me," Moyo said.

"They are a group of very harsh people who frequently visit my office demanding to know my whereabouts they even violently kick doors if they don’t find me. By just looking at them you can tell that they are very dangerous people. So I decided to flee and get out of Zimbabwe before I am made another Itai Dzamara."

He could not disclose his where about.



+1#Vusi2016-03-30 07:14
those four men you saw came from mogue they came to fetch your dead body
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zero grade
0#zero grade2016-03-30 08:22
how could you send such present to a president who made us free from colonial ruling. xaaaa you deserve to die ..ndikakubata ndokuisa kuchimoi
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oscar kurasha
0#oscar kurasha2016-03-30 09:03
i am marketier by profession, a holder of BCom BBA
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0#Philosopher2016-03-30 13:48
Asi iwe wakapusa nhai

Unoda mbiri yenhema,ugowane i pazviri.

ZANU inowuraya.Vanhu vakawanda vakarova.Itai Dzamara azoshaikwa nhasi anyanya kutaurwa nokuti kuenda kwake kwakatozikanwa. Pane vakangoshaikwa zvikapera zvakadaro

Watch out small boy
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