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The girls were up to some naughty stuff during Alick Macheso’s album launch last Thursday, After Sharon Macheso’s terrible boob display, Ninja Lipsy had a few tricks in her pants.

After being handed a once in a ninja lifetime opportunity to open for the sungura king, The dancehall girl decided to accentuate her performance with a ridiculous act that only added to her embarrassment.

So here is what Lipsy did, soon after going on stage she received a warm welcome but then decided to spoil it by calling a random dude on stage.

The dude who was visibly drunk was then asked by Lipsy to ‘bata paunoda’ and being a bit respectful he held lipsy on the waist.

But Lipsy was thirsting for more ‘Saka musikana wako ndipo paunomubata here ipapo?’

The dude couldnt spurn the offer then went straight to hold Lipsy’s ‘cookie’, infact he was reaching for her zipper and wanted to dip his hand in Lipsy’s ‘cookie Jar’

Who would blame the guy really, it’s not every day a random dude gets an offer from a fine lady like that.

And her failed attempts to pull a ‘Bev’ recurred several times until she eventually left the stage after fans started throwing cans at her

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