Courage Zikhali, the former manager of dancehall star Soul Jah Love, is one of a kind.

After the acrimonious fallout with the Ndini Uya Uya singer that saw the rookie manager annul a lucrative contract that he had signed with Soul Jah Love that included a Hummer, rented accommodation and a $1,500 monthly salary, one would think Zikhali would change his ways.

But it would appear Soul Jah Love's ex-manager is has not given up yet. Not only has Zikhali signed up musician-cum-musician Freddy "Kapfupi" Manjalima but he has also promised the hilarious Epworth-based artiste heaven on earth.

Zikhali said Kapfupi's life would never be the same again.

"I am going to make available a Nissan Navara that he can use. My plan is also for him to relocate from Epworth to one of Harare's affluent suburbs," said Zikhali, whose business interests cover transport and mining.

"An artiste of Kapfupi's standing should lead a respectable and fairly comfortable life. Music fans can only take seriously an artiste if he or she projects an image that reflects order and progress. It is doesn't augur well for an artiste to be always in the news for the wrong reasons."
Thanks to the fallout with Soul Jah Love, the controversial promoter has decided to exclude the Hummer from Kapfupi's package.

"This time around I won't give Manjalima the Hummer H2 as was the case with Soul Jah Love. He will, however, be able to use the Hummer during the promotion of his new CDs and DVDs," he said.

Zikhali told the Daily News on Sunday that Kapfupi's brother, Sam Manjalima, will be incorporated into the management structures of the Mai Nga hit-maker's backing band, the Orchestra Ndozvo.

"Sam will be helping me in the management and I will concentrate more on the drama side while Sam will focus on the music side," said Zikhali.

The ambitious arts manager revealed that a new Kapfupi comedy would be released within the coming week.

"All is set for the new comedy called Varume Murimbwa Dzevanhu and we are optimistic that it will be a great hit. I am very keen to ensure that everything including the drama side is run in a professional manner."

Predictably Kapfupi is happy to be Zikhali's new protégé.



+1#clifford2014-07-14 15:17
asi dai Kapfupi wacho achi improver mbichana zvaava kutiira hazvichanakidza
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0#clifford2014-07-14 15:18
dai achi improver
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0#ken2014-07-14 15:56
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+1#Kapfupi2014-07-14 16:46
I will improve as per your request.Thank you my funs out there.
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0#ninja2014-07-14 16:50
tisiirei kapfupi wedu tomudako kuepworth ikoko.kana uchida kumupa navara mupe ari ikoko.kana waona paarikugara pasingaite then develop pamba pake.kuzoda kumurojera after a month momudzinga odzoketazve kusero seven kuepworth
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+1#keiz2014-07-14 21:04
tiri kukuhwai hedu. chimboitai tozobwereketa afta 3 wks
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0#Cephas2014-07-15 06:46
Gudluck my man shandisa mukana uyende mberi dnt waste oppotunity like this,asi pakuzobviswa kwaugere uchinorojerwa apa ndipo pakaipa mheni ,tengerwa pako panezita rako
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0#vassyvybes2014-07-15 11:42
zikhali is a fisher man,,,Kapfupi,, ,wrds of advice,,,wen the seagul follows the trawler,,its bcoz they think sardines will be thrown into the sea
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