APOSTOLIC Christian Council of Zimbabwe (ACCZ) leader Bishop Johannes Ndanga says he is shocked by the accusations made by members of the Johanne Masowe eChishanu to the effect that he banned the apostolic sect from conducting church activities.

The Vapostori, through their lawyers Obey Shava and Andrew Makoni of Mbidzo, Muchadehama last week threatened to approach the Constitutional Court if Ndanga did not, within five days, lift the ban he purportedly imposed on their sect.

But in response to the Vapostori, Ndanga denied banning the apostolic sect and accused the Vapostori lawyers of misleading their clients.

The ACCZ leader charged that he had visited the Johanne Masowe eChishanu shrine in Budiriro high density suburb at the "command" of the Zimbabwe Republic Police who were probing the activities of the apostolic sect which stands accused of violating women and children's rights.

Ndanga's lawyers said the ACCZ leader never made allegations against the Vapostori except the accusations which the police were investigating.

"Our client believes that your clients, some of whom are fugitives from justice, are hallucinating in a bid to manufacture a case out of nothing and as a publicity gimmick that people are divorced from the issues which the police are investigating against them," reads the letter.

Recently in a letter directed to Ndanga, sect members said the ban imposed by Ndanga infringed on their freedoms of conscience and religion which were guaranteed by the country's Constitution and wanted him to lift the ban.

The sect also challenged Ndanga to prove that he was representing President Robert Mugabe and others members of the Presidium when he purportedly banned the church.

They also argued that Ndanga had no legal authority to ban their sect and the allegations raised against them were malicious.

At least seven anti-riot police officers, journalists and members of the ACCZ were seriously injured on May 30 this year when rowdy members of the sect attacked them.



+1#bie2014-07-16 10:30
is the Bishop telling the nation that he is a Comander of the Police?if not why did Police need help to probe allegations from someone not trained in the police work? mfaro kuma Positori akanaka!
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+1#Takaparei2014-07-16 12:29
I think the police has a dept that deals with those matters,if not mistaken the PRLO.If the case was police needed assistance then not ACCZ.Maybe human rights activists or so.Also why go with riot police,a special wing in line with national defense if I'm so to say.Ordinary constables from a nearby police station in this case Budiriro or Mufakose cld've attendeded this scene.Why reporters also leaves a lot to desire in this case.I totally & personally do support human rights & access to basic fundamentalitie s but the approach was a bit suspicious from my view.
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0#Joe2014-07-16 13:53
Ndanga is a Mr Nonsense. Captain Die Hard.
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0#muzimba2014-07-16 16:53
I smell a rotten rat.
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0#Spragga2014-07-16 18:12
:eek: Ndanga is a wolf in sheep's cloth. Anodakuwhanda nwchigumwe. Evry1 saw that clip uchitaura kuti ur barred nw. Saka unoda kurambei murume mkuru kusanyara heeeroooo
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0#Musorobhangu2014-07-17 03:04
But why these vapositora turned violent against police officers and news crew?? I guess the vapositora were hiding something, if these accusations became true yeh that sect should be banned for good.
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