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A Chinese national has appeared in court to answer charges of selling counterfeit Eversharp ball point pens at his shops in Harare.

Faxin Guo was arrested by police after being found in possession of hundreds of boxes of counterfeit Eversharp 15M pens at his shop at Number 35, Rezende Street in Harare.

The 61-year old appeared in court charged under Section 85 of the Trade Mark Act as read with the Criminal Law Codification and Reform Act.

According to the State, other boxes of the counterfeit ball point pens were discovered at another shop belonging to Guo at Number 11, Speke Avenue in the capital.

Investigations have so far established that the pens that were discovered were manufactured in China and imported by Guo, who is selling them in local shops.

Laboratory tests have also been conducted and have proven that the counterfeits are substandard and have lower capacity compared to the original.

The 15M on Eversharp ball point pens represents 1500 metres that the pen can write.

The counterfeit lasts less than half the original's distance.

The packaging of the counterfeit Eversharp pens is almost the same with the original and it carries the same address which is Zimbabwe.

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