A self-confessed Satanist from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is swearing to bewitch two Zimbabwean thieves who stole his household property.

Papi Kafupa (31) who now resides in Makokoba (Bulawayo's version of Mbare) is vowing that he wing make life a living hell for the two thieves who broke into his house last week Saturday.

"The two thieves are going to die if I don't get my property by Sunday and even the people who bought my property from the thieves will suffer too," he claimed.

Kafupa had an empty glass that he was claiming he would use to store the thieves blood. He had two dolls that he claimed represented the two people who stole his property.

"This empty glass is where I will store the blood of the two thieves and these two dolls are the thieves and if they want to be free they must surrender and bring back my property before Sunday evening," charged the foreigner who claimed to be staunch Satanist.

Kafupa also said the two thieves should not bother going to traditional healers because he had greater powers than them.

"Maybe another Satanist can help them, but I doubt because as Satanists we are very loyal to each other. No sangoma can assist them because I am more powerful than them," he said.



0 # doro 2014-07-21 09:07
usade kutyisa vanhu iwe
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+1 # bie 2014-07-21 10:36
Very interesting,is nt Satanism like or connected to Witchcraft,so why don't they arrest and deport this foreigner who boasts about such serious things
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0 # Exco_Levi 2014-07-21 20:17
Bcz he's from DRC saka he is satanist? Hey don't be like South Africans vanoti all bad things come with foreigners. Don't Zimbos bewitch mbavha here kana vabirwa. Kurai. Don't be xenophobic.
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