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Dancer Zoey Noleen Sifelani took to social media to liken herself as the biblical Delilah alluding to sungura musician First Farai as Samson. Zoey updated her WhatsApp status to ‘Ndini dherira wekunyengedza Farai’, a statement targeted at the singer after publication of their intimate pictures on and off stage.

Zoey confirmed that her statement is targeted at the big entertainer but not meant to mock him. “Yes my status is related to that story which was published in your paper but I am not mocking him. I was just saying I fooled him with my nice body and he could not resist it,” she said.

In related news, police in Harare are said to have summoned the two artists over the pictures which according to sources they said to violate the Entertainment and Censorship dictates. Zoey confirmed that she was summoned by police over the pictures. “Yes I was phoned by police and I went to their offices but the problem now is First Farai who is not co-operating. Arikutiza mapurisa. I am told they phoned him but he went on to switch off his phone,” said Zoey. Farai’s mobile number was not reachable when contacted to give his side of the story. However, there are unconfirmed report that he apologized for his actions live on a local radio station.

Dancers Association of Zimbabwe president Harpers Mapimhidze who is also a member of the censorship board confirmed that First Farai is wanted by police. “It is true they summoned but Farai is not co-operating, which is not good. Zoey went there and she was warned and cautioned, I advise artistes to co-operate when they are engaged by law enforcers. They are entertainers and they can do a lot of things but too much contact is unacceptable,” said Harpers.

Source-H Metro

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