In a dreaded Murambatsvina-related building destruction, several buildings are set to be demolished or get a face lift within Harare's central business district, with council hinting that it will only accept structures that meet the new standards.

The last meaningful construction to be carried out in Harare's central business district was the Joina City, which, among other things, consists of a huge parking bay underneath the majestic building.

Right opposite Joina City stood Ximex Mall which was a hive of activity but was reduced to rubble by the National Social Security Authority NSSA to pave way for a 10 storey state of the art building.

Harare City Council Public Relations Manager, Mr Leslie Gwindi said owners of buildings should renovate or construct new ones, adding as 2025 approaches, more buildings are going to be brought down to pave way for world class structures.

Another building located at corner Cameroon and Albion streets is being demolished.  

What is unclear though is whether another state of the art multiple storey building is going to be constructed at the same site.

Most of the buildings in Harare's central business district have seen better days and recently, a Harare woman had a brush with death when bricks fell from the wall of Throgmorton Building which is located at corner Samora Machel Avenue and Julius Nyerere way.



0#Brainbox2014-07-22 22:26
I would rather have the authorities renovate rather than erase architectural History. Its a far cry I know becos all the rich vein of civil engineering that we used to have has clogged and died a natural death, thanks to today's politician.
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0#Mscynic2014-07-22 22:50
Before City enforces destruction of old buildings most of which are beautiful ratepayers must enforce accountability, honesty and amongst other things the delivery of water. Joina Centre is hardly majestic. The Supreme Court is truly majestic. A ten story building in a city that suffers power and water shortages. Typical. The city has no moral authority to make any demands of business - clean it's own house first -literally.
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