Some disgruntled MDC supporters and asylum seekers are planning to pelt MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai with eggs on his visit to the UK.

They say they want to show their disgust at the state of opposition politics in Zimbababwe. Tsvangirai has refused to go after failing to dislodge President Mugabe from power. The MDC has been torn apart as a result. Some diasporans are disgusted that Tsvangirai had turned into another Mugabe. Asylum seekers are particularly angry with Tsvangirai whom they heckled years back when he said Zimbabweans must return home.

Tsvangirai is expected to address renowned British policy-think-tank, Chatham House, before meeting the party’s structures in the UK and Ireland, as his fight with hawks agitating for regime change turns to the diplomatic arena.

Chatham House last week extended an invitation to the former prime minister to discuss the future of the country after last year’s elections and the leadership crisis in his party.

"The MDC-T, Zimbabwe’s main opposition party, is now assessing its future direction as issues of party leadership and funding come to the fore," reads part of the invitation.

Job Sikhala is angry at the planned protests against Tsvangirai. He said: "Some people must be wiser in the behavior to avoid being fingered tomorrow for all wrong reasons. Many people who are currently in the UK are there on the basis of papers they obtained from MDC. Thousands have been bothering us to assist them with letters supporting their asylum status and today you hear the same people you assisted are planning to ambush Tsvangirai and pelt him with eggs. Up until they sought asylum in the UK, they never pelted Mugabe with anything but they now have the audacity to plot an attack on Tsvangirai. Grow up you people!"



0#Charlie2014-07-23 13:45
I[censored] ka murume Wacho. He must pass on the stick to others
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0#Tara2014-07-23 13:46
i dont think those who are going to pelt Save with eggs are genuine MDC people,someone from the other Party sent sent them ,mark my words
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0#Tau2014-07-23 14:20
I don't think they are MDC
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0#Zviko2014-07-23 21:09
Always in denial, always blaming someone. Tsvangirai please take a look at yourself, people are fed up with is MDC supporters who will pelt it, it's not ZANU or any perceived enemies. It's people who have realized that uridofo and they are going nowhere with you as the leader.
Pass the baton stick please. As for you Sikhala you have got to sing for your meal, you are fighting for relevance, shame on you!
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Moyo JonaThan
0#Moyo JonaThan2014-07-24 05:52
Sikhala pliz give people a break!!! You are now a puppet of the Puppet
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#Ba Troy
0##Ba Troy2014-07-24 12:53
inyaya dzemanyepo idzi
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0#cornelious2015-01-13 11:04
All will come to an end. One day is day.
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