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Sixteen pupils from Mkoba 1 High School in Gweru have been expelled from school for engaging in group sex during a party.

The pupils are part of 30 pupils that attended two parties where they had braai, drank beer and later engaged in group sex.Provincial Education Director for Midlands, Agness Gudo, confirmed receiving a report of pupils who engaged in a group sex in Mkoba. The two parties were allegedly organised by two boys who hosted their friends at a house in Mkoba Village Five.

Sources said the boys invited their schoolmates to bring partners, all pupils of Mkoba 1 High. The sources said the sex parties were held on March 12 and 21.

"It is said the pupils were in pairs as they enjoyed themselves. According to one of the pupils, the party was an experience of a life time. They confessed to having danced the night away, drank beer, had braai and engaged in sex. A girl (name withheld) who was part of the wild group later notified the school authorities. Eventually the school contacted all the parents whose children were involved in the wild parties" said a source.

The source said some angry parents of the girls involved interrogated their children and they confirmed that they consented to sex during their drinking binge on the two separate days.

However, the source said, one girl (name withheld) told her parents that she had been raped and a report was made to the police at Nehanda Police Station in Mkoba Village 19.
"Police carried out investigations which led to the arrest of the two boys who hosted the party.  Some of the pupils involved were rounded up for questioning. Most of the girls testified that they were not forced into having sex with the boys but it was consensual. It was the one girl who claimed to have been raped who had her case appearing on the court roll last Wednesday," said a man who identified himself as Mwashusha.

He said his brother’s son was involved in the wild parties but the boy denied ever indulging in sex.

"I was called to the courts as a witness last Wednesday but to my surprise, the girl decided to withdraw the case. She told the prosecutor that she was not raped and did not want any of the boys arrested. The girl said she only claimed to have been raped because she was afraid that her parents would beat her up," he said.

Pupils at Mkoba 1 High said the headmaster, Timothy Hove, dismissed 16 of the pupils involved. They said 14 others escaped because the school authorities failed to identify them.

Hove could not be contacted for comment but Gudo said the pupils had not been expelled but were excluded.

"The pupils organised parties on two different days in March, first on 12 then on the 21st  and this was done during school time. About 16 boys and girls were involved", she said.

Gudo said the pupils were just excluded from school which means they were asked to look for places at other schools.

"They should be at different schools where there is a new environment so that they can refocus their priorities. They are also benefiting from psychosocial support from the schools and psychologists," Gudo said.

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