Zimbabwean woman (29) killed in South Africa, chopped head found on bed A family believed to be originally from Zimbabwe and is now based in South Africa wasn't worried when their daughter Winnette Nyamakari went off with her boyfriend who is a South African national.

But horror and sorrow were heading their way. The next time they saw Winette (29), her head had been chopped off! And her lover hasn't been seen since.

Portia Nyamakari (49) said the last time she and her husband Felix saw their daughter alive was three weeks ago when her boyfriend fetched her from her spaza shop. Portia, of Rosettenville in Joburg said the boyfriend called her later and asked her to fetch her grandson from creche.

"When I didn't hear from my daughter I suspected something was wrong," she said.

A couple of days later Portia said she found spare keys to Winette's house and went there with her husband to get clothes for her grandson.

"There were blood drops on the floor and I followed the trail, which led me to a pool of blood in the bedroom. I saw my daughter's legs on the bed. I shook her and she didn't respond. As I pulled the blanket, her head had been chopped off. I saw it was on the edge of the bed," Portia said.

Felix said: "I just want to know what happened to my daughter,"

He said her daughter's lover was jealous and possessive. "He sometimes missed work and would go and sit at Winette's spaza the whole day." Warrant Officer Lorraine van Emmerik said a murder case was opened.

She said police believe Alex Thomas might have information and appealed to him to come forward.



0#vassyvybes2014-07-24 21:25
ummm pakaipah
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0#Mbezo2014-07-25 01:14
Isu tirikuda kuona pic yemusoro uri pamubhedha waakutiratidza pic yababa naamai kkk
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0#Madhara2014-07-25 05:13
Kuno south hakuna varume kunemabhinya,ko sei kutadza kutsvaga hake mukomanawekumus ha
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0#gina2014-07-25 06:39
sorry. dhuze akachekereswa nembiti dzendazo. madofo evanhu
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0#Redds2014-07-25 07:10
Zvapajoni unotoshaya kuti zvombofambasei. Ko iko kusango zvamunoti ndokunodzidzisw a kuva murume chaiye ndohurume hwacho hwamunochecheud zirwa hwekuuya muchiita mhondi? maida zviende nepi naiwo makanda enyu amunodyiswa kusango nevaroyi vanozviita vanasekuru vekusango zvakafa nxaaaa
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+1#bie2014-07-25 08:43
a very sad story to any parent,relative or friend may her soul rest in peace and my condolences to the parents,relativ es and friends.I am surprised though by the shallowness of some comentators,hon estly crime like this is not only in South Africa,just yesterday on this page I read about a Zimbabwean man who killed his wife after enjoying a night with a Prostitute,crim e is everywhere,and in all nations and tribes,we live in a sick age where respect for each other as humanbeings has decayed
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0#stallone2014-07-25 20:10
Ndiyo nyaya yekuda mapepa iyi,munopedzwa
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Emmanuel nhoto
0#Emmanuel nhoto2014-07-27 04:13
Well said Bie
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