There was drama in Old Lobengula  when a couple who were busy like rabbits, having steamy sex, somehow got stuck during the action much to the excitement of neighbours who came over to witness  the incident. The couple which has since were in their comfort of their rented home.

What seemed like  a routine s*xual intercourse between Cain Chitambuze (24) and his wife Vongai Nhopi (19) couple turned into a nightmare when they had to go through nine hours of humiliation and had to be rescued by Cain's father.

"Vongai says she began screaming for help around 1 am but strangely I did not hear any noises," said the couple's landlady Gogo MaSibanda.

She said she only heard the couple's calls in the morning and that is when she alerted neighbours. "The word quickly spread across the neighbourhood and in no time people thronged my house to see the couple," said Gogo MaSibanda.

She said she has never come across a situation where a married couple experiences such a thing.

"A scenario whereby people get stuck to each other during s*xual intercourse is common in those who are committing adultery, not people who are married," said Gogo MaSibanda.

She said the couple also endured humiliation as they were dragged outside their lodgings exposing them to the over excited crowd.

A neighbour who only identified himself as Ndlovu said the man's father came to the couple's rescue at about 11 am and reportedly unlocked them after performing a certain ritual.

"He burnt some herbs and made them inhale the smoke. After that they were unlocked," said Ndlovu.

In an interview, Chitambuze said they want to quickly forget the embarrassing moment.

"I can't say anything more but what is done is done, it is behind us now. This has never happened during our marriage and my fear is that it can recur," said Chitambuze who was visibly still in shock.

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