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There was drama and laughter in court when a Plumtree prostitute who was caught having s ex in public with her client on Wednesday asked a magistrate to permit her to practise her trade a few more times for her to raise R100 fine.

The magistrate, Livard Philemon, turned down Langelihle Ndlovu's appeal and she started serving her two-month jail term yesterday. Her client, Alaska Munsaka, 30, also failed to raise the fine and was also taken to Plumtree Prison.

Police who were on patrol heard disturbing sounds at around 1AM on Wednesday and when they checked, they saw Ndlovu, 23, and a married man, Munsaka, having s ex by the roadside near Plumtree High School and arrested them.

They appeared before Plumtree magistrate Philemon yesterday facing public indecency charges.

The magistrate ordered each to pay R100 fine, or spend two months in prison in case of default.

After they were sentenced, Ndlovu pleaded with the court to allow her to attend to a few clients first, in order to raise the R100 as she did not have money.

The thigh vendor told the court that she was screaming during the act as her client was performing s exual styles she was not accustomed to.

"I'm a s ex worker and I hooked up with this man because he wanted my services. We had made an arrangement on the charges for each round, the number of minutes that each round would last and the styles that we were going to perform," said Ndlovu.

She said when it came to the actual act, her client decided to change the terms of their s ex deal. He wanted each round to last longer and demanded that they do weird styles.

She said that Munsaka demanded more, claiming that he had paid her a lot of money. Ndlovu said she realises about R20 on a blessed day, that is if she secures more than four s ex starved clients.

"I don't have any money right now, not even at home. So could you please allow me to raise money for the fine. I'll have to work first," she said.

Her client, Munsaka, said they chose to have s ex by the roadside as they assumed that no one would use the route since it was past midnight.

The man, who is from Binga, said he is a mine worker and was passing through the town when he met Ndlovu in a bar and they agreed to be intimate.

Prosecuting, Elisha Mazorodze said police officers who were on patrol heard some sounds. They proceeded to inquire and found the two having s exual intercourse on the side of the road and immediately arrested them.

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