Horror accident kills 16 people along Masvingo roadFourteen people died on the spot and two on admission to hospital, while 12 others were seriously injured in a road traffic accident involving a commuter omnibus early Monday morning near Bubi River along the Masvingo-Beitbridge highway.
Police spokesperson, Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi, confirmed that 14 people including the commuter bus driver died on the spot, while the  driver of the South African registered Hino truck died on admission at Beitbridge Hospital.

According to ZRP Masvingo Province Assistant Commissioner Operations William Tadyanemhandu, the driver of the truck that was travelling towards Masvingo encroached into the lane of the Muneri Tours commuter bus that was travelling towards Beitbridge resulting in the head on collision.

Assistant Commissioner Tadyanemhandu said the commuter bus had 24 occupants including the driver, while the truck had three people.

12 of the injured were taken to Neshuro District Hospital where one died, while the occupants of the Hino truck were ferried to Beitbridge Hospital where the driver died on admission.

Seven of the dead are male, while nine are female including a 3-year old girl and a 5-month old baby.



Mr Mukeda
+1#Mr Mukeda2014-07-28 14:42
The devil is now at work guys. May the good Lord safeguard us from these carnages. May the souls of those who passed away rest in peace. To the injured, pliz get well soon. We love you
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Dualization Please!!
0#Dualization Please!!2014-07-28 14:49
Please responsible authorities hurry up with dualisation of the Harare Beitbridge road, this is so sad...how long should we wait to see this happening....????????????????????????????
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JMB Mhlambi
+1#JMB Mhlambi2014-07-28 15:04
You hike the toll fees, you fail to upgrade the roads. Now the government have all the money, the people are dying. Who shall speak sence to you leadership of Zimbabwe. Can someone begin to care and dualise this road. I know you will start to say that it was driver negligence. Till when shall you not account and take responsibility of this kind of deaths and human loss of income. Really this is a National road that looks like you are in the location. A major trading route for your country. The most busy road in Southern Africa in terms of trade. My heart is sore for the people who are perishing. ZIm government is responsible. But do they care? God will answer our prayers one day. One by one you shall all perish until a more responsible people govern this land.
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0#Chinoz2014-07-28 15:07
MaChina ngagadzire road sezvakuita kumutare rd
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Mai Gomba
0#Mai Gomba2014-07-28 15:48
Ha road yakashata zvayo unotenda mwari wasvika kwauri kuenda. Mwari pindirai.
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Hacha Ndizvo
0#Hacha Ndizvo2014-07-28 16:09
Kill the killer driver again nxaaaaa
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0#zimMarwadzo2014-07-28 19:17
Unoona road yacho inonzi ihighway yakaita sekaroad kanoenda kubhawa muS.A, zvinorwadza unototenda wasvika!! Idzo mari dzama toll gate hadziwoneKwi zvadzinoshanda, may those who lost their lives rest in pece!!!!!!!!!!! !!
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0#sbu2014-07-28 19:26
very sad indeed, those in hospital we wish you a speedy recovery. Vashaya tinoti nematambudziko. Now mr government whats your say on this one you hiked toll fees, matickets vanhu vanzwa it seems as if all police vanzi vashandire muroad when will you start to dualise e road ENOUGH SOULS PERISHED. DO SOMETHING
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0#sunshine2014-07-28 21:44
Ishe nyaradzaiwo hama dzarasikirwa ,mweya yevaenda ngaizorore murugare,
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0#mafirakureva2014-07-28 22:49
ndarwadziwa varume. anyway ndiwo magumo ekurarama. umwe neumwe achatofa
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0#kufa2014-07-29 07:11
painful, really that cld hv bn u or me. Inguva chete. Chemai netariro hama dzasara, tinodzimbikara pamwechete.
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