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A BULAWAYO man ran riot bashing his wife and destroying household property after she found out that he impregnated her younger sister in the matrimonial home.

Albert Hamandishe of 3036 Emakhandeni's Bulawayo suburb appeared before Western Commonage magistrate Maphios Moyo facing charges of physical abuse and malicious damage to property.

Hamandishe told the court that he had not planned on assaulting his wife or damaging property.

"I did not mean to hurt my wife or damage property but the way she confronted me about the issue made me angry and I snapped. I did not expect that sort of behaviour from someone I call my wife, that's why I got angry," he said.

The woman told the court that the reason her husband beat her was because he had impregnated her younger sister who was staying at their house.

"This man is a criminal and I no longer wish to be his wife anymore. How can someone I call my husband beat me because I found out he impregnated my younger sister in my matrimonial home. He is very wicked and hot-head. My sister ran away and as we are talking I do not even know where she is and I do not even care. I do not ever wish to see her again; she can even have my husband for all I care. All I know is she will not have a happy life since she snatched her own sister's husband," she said.

Hamandishe pleaded guilty and was sentenced to three months in prison.

Two months were suspended on condition that he restitutes his wife the sum of $179 for the damaged property and a further one month was suspended on condition that he completes 105 hours of community service.

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