Angry vendors burn city council vehicle after it ran over a 4-month-old baby A CRACKDOWN on illegal vendors by Masvingo's municipal police ended tragically on Monday after a four-month-old baby was run over by a council vehicle.

Angry residents vented their fury on council workers who had to flee for dear life.
They also torched the council vehicle reducing it to a shell. A commuter omnibus which was parked nearby was also caught up in the fracas as it was also burnt.

Witnesses said the baby was crushed in the melee after his mother who was selling some wares fled from the police.

Angry vendors burn city council vehicle after it ran over a 4-month-old baby "Vendors grabbed a few wares and ran from municipal officers. The baby's mother also did likewise and left the baby near her wares. The driver of the council vehicle decided to crush the perishable stuff and did not realise there was a baby close by and ran over the baby," said a witness.

Business was brought to a halt at the Masvingo main bus terminus as vendors took matters into their own hands.

Anti-riot police had to be brought in to disperse the protesters.

Masvingo Mayor, Hubert Fidze, said he was pained by the loss of life and apologised to residents.

He however, appealed to residents not to take the law into their own hands.

"What a black day for our city! I would like to apologise on behalf of council. We shall strive to work hard to prevent such tragedies. I however urge residents to calm down and not take the law into their own hands," said Fidze.



0#stavros2014-07-29 07:37
calm dwn mr mayor!?..that term illegal vendor shld b abolished! U wana starve pple? Who doznt knw theres no industry in zim a the economy is failing! Vakangouya kunhamo vamamisei futi
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0#stallone2014-07-29 07:49
Zivai kuti nyika yakasikirwa vanhu,tangai matipa mabasa mozotirambidza kutengesa.nxaa
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0#Alisa2014-07-29 08:28
It is a shame the largest part of the population has been turned into street vendors by the economic hardships and nobody cares.
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+1#Madhumbe2014-07-29 10:41
Everywhere u go in Zim its street vending zvichireva izvo kuti mabasa hakuna ende no sane person can sit when they have ways of generating realistic.There s nothing illegal about vending chava legal chacho ndechipi-spare us plizzz!!
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0#bie2014-07-29 14:47
People in authority sometimes make you wonder,if they use their brains at all,or they just use power.How can a sane person persecute and torment those he claims to be leading ans sleep at night.These so called illegal vendors are people trying to make an honest living under extremely harsh conditions,they are not stealing from anyone,they buy stock from the little they make yet people with enough to eat ,trample upon the little they have,whats so illegal about making a living from your hard earned money,to top it all up ,an unnecessary loss of young innocent,life,s omeone should shoulder the responsibility of killing this child
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0#muzimba2014-07-30 09:44
vanhu vanenge vachizamawo kutsvaka iyo mari yakanzi yakazara muZimma navaGumbo, imi movati elligal. haiwawo mukuda vawanepi zvekudya? vakauya kumba kwenyu munovapa imi nekuoma kwakaita moyo yenyu uku?
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0#Morena2014-07-31 04:32
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0#Zvakatoshodoka2014-08-01 21:24
Kutsikisa vanhu nezvifambiso handiro basa rekanzuro iroro!!!kana vatungamiriri votyora mutemo vatungamirwi vozotungamirirw a nani??as vendors we deserved to burn the car cz makashodora zvinhu ndimi!!!
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