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The Mucheke woman who scalded her husband with hot oil in March had no kind words for her husband who she accused of putting his "prostitute 's" profile picture on his Whatsapp account.

Sources who spoke to our news crew said Shiriyedende was allegedly breathing fire over her husband's infidelity which offended her to the extent of scalding him with boiling cooking oil.

The husband, Tapiwa Chibundu, who is still in hospital is said to have put his girlfriend's picture on his Whatsapp account profile, angering Shiriyedende, leading to the altercation on the fateful night.

Shiriyedende is said to have no remorse for what she did, claiming that she got even with the "he-goat" of a husband.

"The woman has no remorse at all for what she did as she claims that her husband got what he deserves because he treated her badly. She even said she is sure Chibundu will never find love again because of what he will look like when he recovers. She actually said no one will love such a bad looking man," said a source.

Shiriyedende is being charged with attempted murder and is due in court on May 13 for trial.

On March 22, Shiriyedende, who was angered by her husband's escapades with a small-house allegedly boiled two litres of cooking and poured it on him, seriously injuring him.

Chibundu is said to be slowly recovering at Masvingo General Hospital but sources close to his family say he might have lost one of his eyes from the burns.

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