A 20-year-old Matabeleland South man from Matobo who is facing allegations of forcibly bedding his 16 year old sister stunned the court when he claimed that they were head over heels in love and that their mother allegedly blessed their incestuous relationship.

He claimed that their sexual activities which were consensual started after their mother suggested that they should share the same bed eventually leading them to have sex. The man(name withheld) from Natisa village who is being charged with one count of rape made the startling revelations before regional Magistrate Sikhumbuzo Nyathi.

The accused who is alleged to have raped his sister whom he was staying with together with their mentally challenged mother is denying the charges. He blamed his mother for moving the sister into his bedroom. In his defence he said: “Your worship, my sister and I are very close and when we had sex,we had both agreed to it, I did not rape her as is alleged. It is my mother who caused this to happen because she is the one who suggested we share the same bed and eventually led us into having sex.”

Meanwhile the court is yet to prove that the two siblings sparked romance rumours after a villager noticed unusual behaviour between them.

For the state, Masimba Saruwaka  alleges that sometime in May this year, a relative visited their home prompting the mother to order her daughter to share a room with her brother as the relative would occupy her room. “During the night, the brother took advantage of the sleeping arrangement and allegedly forced himself on his sister and raped her once,” he said.

The prosecutor alleged the minor cried out and her mother woke up to inquire what the problem was and they resolved to discuss the matter in the morning, however the accused disappeared early the following morning and returned home four days later and when he was quizzed by the mother he admitted to the offence. The mother then  instructed her son to apologise and thereafter ordered them never to talk about the issue.

The court heard that from that day onward, the siblings developed an incestuous relationship which was suspicious leading to a villager giving a tip to the Police resulting in the accused’s arrest.

The matter was postponed to 30 July for continuation of trial and the accused was remanded in custody.



-3#sunshine2014-07-31 00:15
ha kandi mandevere akamboita sei kandi
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0#kenneth2014-08-01 08:08
You sound very tribalistic.It happens everywhere Masvingo,Mutare ect so don't display your ignorance by making a very racial blanket statement. Condemn the act and not the tribe.
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0#gdot2014-07-31 03:17
Kkkkkkkk ndapererwa nemashoko , musadaro so vanhu imimi !!!!
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0#mutirowafanza2014-07-31 06:23
Ishe huyai vanhu venyu vatanga humbwa.
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0#Dhadza2014-07-31 06:35
Zvakanzi kura uone nhamo. Imiweeee musadaro. Mwari vanhu vashanduka. Kuita imbwa. Hanzvdzi yako here. Ha-a iwe ita mushe iwe. Tirongo. Kana mvura hainganayi pakadai apa. Mashura aani iwayo? Ndatenda hangu.
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+1#Brainbox2014-07-31 12:51
Ptuuu!!!! imbwa chaidzo. Its a well orchestrated ploy to obstruct justice. The girl was hoodwinked by their mother who did not want the son to be jailed. The deal has gone haywire and now is uncontrollable and the victim is now an accomplice. Its jail time for all.
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0#vassyvybes2014-07-31 13:00
hayaah hakuna vanhu vakadai,,ndombw ah manje idzi
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