Legislators have been exempted from paying tollgate fees.

This follows a request tabled by parliamentarians seeking an exemption ostensibly because they would be performing parliamentary duties.

Transport minister Obert Mpofu told legislators recently that they should submit number plates for their respective vehicles to Zimbabwe National Road Administration (Zinara) so that they are captured in a database for easy implementation of the policy.

“Government has exempted legislators from paying toll fees as the necessary paperwork to enforce the policy has been completed,” Mpofu said. He said a meeting was convened recently between him and Zinara boss Frank Chitukutuku.

“We agreed that we would come up with a solution,” Mpofu said.

“We also highlighted that the cars being used by MPs should be given separate numbers so as to make it easy to ensure that the car that would be passing through belongs to an MP.”

It is reported that all MPs have since submitted their documentation to Zinara.

Matabeleland South MDC Senator Watchy Sibanda had asked Mpofu on what had become of their request to Zinara that they be exempted from paying toll fees.

He was supported by Matabeleland North MDC Senator Herbert Madolo Sinampande.

The country has 22 tollgates and has mooted introducing more in urban areas to decongest cities, in particular Harare.

What's more painful is that the exemption comes barely a fortnight after the government increased toll gate fees in some cases by 100% to ordinary citizens. Prior to the increment, light vehicle motorists needed $5 to get to Plumtree, when coming from Harare. Now they require a whooping US$10.



+1#Bankwe2014-07-31 20:11
Its a perk, but as the saying goes charity begins at home, shouldn't all these fees be included in the allowances so that other citizens donot become disgruntled when they get to know, not all of us understands that there are perks, certain privlidges are there worldwide, sometimes its better to use systems that do not call for open dialogue and misrepresentati on making us sound so bad to the rest of the world, when its actually a small issue that could have been contained within.
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0#Tabas2014-08-01 02:18
Instead the Legislators shld pay more, lf they can feel the pinch, what abt the general ordinary populace who is struggling to bring meals on the table?
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+2#Bry2014-08-01 03:45
[censored] dzenyu mhai zvanyanya kana iri hondo ngaidzoke mhani no1 wz born cde unoba mari ndimi une marii isu ne tuma x japa twedu to payer mune ma virgo makandogara [censored]
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