Robert Mugabe is believed to be hunkered down in his Blue Roof mansion alongside reviled wife Grace, as the pair wait to learn their fate following the dictator's historic resignation yesterday.

The 93-year-old who ruled Zimbabwe for 37 years had been rumoured to be due to leave the country for exile abroad last night, while his wife remained behind to face prosecution.

But as tens of thousands of Zimbabweans danced all night to celebrate his peaceful ousting which stopped short of a military coup, Mugabe remained in hiding.
Today, Zimbabweans wait to discover when their new leader Emmerson Mnangagwa, the deputy known as The Crocodile who was ousted by Mugabe's wife, will be appointed.

Mr Mnangagwa is due to land in Zimbabwe this morning, and a senior member of the ruling party ZANU PF has confirmed that he will be sworn in as interim leader today, with his term due to last until elections next year. The country’s constitution stipulates that the handover must take place within 48 hours of a president stepping down.

It came as uncertainty continued to hang over the fate of Robert and Grace Mugabe, who are understood to have remained in their Blue Roof mansion overnight.
Family friends of Mugabe and members of his security detail told Daily Mail that the military were prepared to let the 93-year-old leave the country unharmed, but had a very different opinion when it came to his second wife – dubbed Gucci Grace because of her love of lavish shopping sprees.

One of his Mugabe's protection team told Daily Mail: "The generals promised him he could leave safely. The generals were insisting that Grace must be prosecuted. It was a burning issue on Tuesday. I don't know what the outcome was, but they were insisting that they might forgive the old man but not Grace"

Mugabe was said to be 'so depressed he couldn't lift his feet' as he watched his countrymen celebrate his departure, and was said to be confessing his sins to trusted advisor Father Mukonori.
One of the former dictator's security team said: "He is depressed to the extent he is failing to walk. He is dragging his feet. Grace has been refusing to go outside into the open air all day as well,' he said. 'They both know the end has come and they are deeply depressed. Their greatest worry is what is going to happen to them and their family. The issue of Grace was a burning one. The generals were going to press ahead with prosecuting her for crimes including money laundering, capturing of state assets and interfering with government business."

It was Grace's decision to try and oust Mnangagwa from power and clear a path for her own succession to the presidency that sparked the military uprising which ultimately toppled her husband.

Former President Mugabe to leave Zimbabwe, Army Generals want Grace jailed

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