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A 22-year-old man from Inyathi lost his 'didinity' and fainted  during anal sex he was forced into by a 32-year-old man who had offered him food and accommodation after he was deported from Botswana.

It is reported that when the victim (name withheld) passed out during the first encounter, his assailant, Ronald Mutukura (32) was not deterred when he went for him again while he was still in his unconscious state.

Reports gathered by the police are that on 10 March, both the victim and Mutukura were deported from Botswana. While they were at Plumtree Border Post pondering their next move, the complainant indicated to the accused that he had nothing to eat and had nowhere to sleep as it was getting late.

Mutukura, offered to help his 'catch' but in return he would take another man's "didinity". It is alleged that after eating, Mutrukura took the complainant to an 'abandoned' truck outside the border complex for a sleep over. Upon arrival, the accused forced the complainant to get into the front seat of the truck, threatening to kill him saying he was a serial criminal.

It is reported that while inside the truck, the accused forcibly removed the 22-year-old deportee's pair of trousers and forced him to lie on his stomach before he played the 'hide my anaconda' with the complainant's buttocks. The 32-year-old suspected gay then 'feasted' on the complainant's behind until he ejacul*ted.

Reports are that the suspected gay 'raved' the complainant's butt hole so strong that he fainted during the traumatising encounter. Mutukura is said to have jumped out of the truck upon completing his 'first round'. He however returned a while later and found his victim still unconscious before pumping his 'anaconda' into the complainant's buttocks for the second round.

After regaining consciousness, the complainant went and reported the matter to the police leading to the arrest of the accused person.

Mutukura was remanded in custody to 14 May when his case will be heard before Bulawayo magistrate.

So 'notorious' is Mukumbura that he is no stranger to spending months in prison. In 2009 he broke headlines when he was arrested barely a month after being released from prison at the behest of President Mugabe's presidential amnesty of August 2009.

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