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US$1,000 offered over Rutendo Zimunhu's whereabouts (PHOTO) A staggering reward of US$1,000 is being offered to anyone who finds or provides information leading to the location of a missing young girl. if you have information about rutendo zimunhu, call police emergency number on +263 4 995

Rutendo Zimunhu, 10 years old, was last seen on her way from school, Tuesday 7 August, 10 am at Glenview Teachers’ Shops.

She was wearing her Glenview 5 Primary School uniform. She and her family had just relocated to Glenview 3 new stands from Mabvuku-Tafara.

Rutendo lived with her uncle and aunt in Glen View 3 new Stands after being left in their care when her mother left in January for South Africa.

"Her mother went to South Africa where she is working and left Rutendo under our care since she is still too young to stay without a guardian. She moved in with us this January but she used to stay in Tafara and Mabvuku prior to joining us. Her elder siblings are staying in Tafara but because of her age, her mother asked that she stays with us.

"From the time she started staying with us, we never visited any relatives with her that we might suspect that she could have gone there. We are appealing if there is anyone who has any idea about where whereabouts to assist us," saidSusan Nyakudya, her aunt.

Please contact:

Police: +263 4 748836/77651

Family members: +263 77 261 6202, +263 71 276 3103, +44 1242402, +27 73 365 8176

Please help us by sharing message.

Please help us; we want our little girl back home.

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