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Controversial businessman and socialite Sir Wicknell Chivayo has aired his opinion on the Stunner and Olinda saga, backing the rapper and labelling the woman a drama queen. Posting on his Facebook page, Chivayo said “My best rapper in the world is Stunner number 2 is Drake then Lil Wayne so those calling my best rapper a gold digger please watch out mumwe ndomumwisa mvura yemu sewage. Munondigumbura ndikamutengera imba nemota nhasi chaiye mukanyara. Ane style yake mupfana wangu and ndewe team hombe saka hapana zvamunomuita akatoutora mukombe. Rather at this present moment let’s be respectful and not say he is mining for precious metals but say he is not interested in associating with women of lower financial status.”

“Even when I asked my personal trainer at the gym which machine I should use to impress beautiful women he pointed outside and said the ATM machine.

“Zvinoshamisei imi tsvagaiwo venyu vakadzi vane mari or vanochengeta. Tese tinovadawo vakadzi vane mari but Zimbabwe is dead, no stock. Zvisinei hazvo that drama queen anonzi Olinda must just take a sit and eat humble pie. Surely if some real women we know with money that look after men properly are quiet what really is she making so much noise about? Representing all the single men in Zimbabwe I would like to take this opportunity to say to all the rich women out there any age and race we love you and we need you. When you want to find a man please be fair on us potential candidates and advertise or hold proper elections so we can also submit our credentials. However his followers had no kind words for his posts.

Iam Tiffoe Mutandwa commented:

“Ko Sir zvamuri munhu mukuru wani. I thought you would say kuti vakaita zvakaipa since he is married it’s not good to cheat. Hapana pandamboona word of advice pane zvamanyora. Asi you promote chihure kani? You cant even see things from Olinda’s perspective? She is human and she also deserves to be loved. It was not her intention to expose her man but she was really hurt and the only option yakanga\yasara ndeyekuti people should see Stunner for who he really is. Akatobatsira twusikana twainyengwana Stunner kuti twuone kuti haana chainacho kubvira paphone ndeye mukadzi. Anyway I don’t expect you to understand since you are not married”.

Another follower David Khumalo posted:  “She is a woman for God sake that’s the only weapon she has, if you are married you will understand well enough that you can buy a woman a house then she buys you a sneaker but on the day she catches you doing something wrong she will sing about that sneaker where as you won’t say anything about the house you bought her so let’s sympathise with the young girl she is hurt inside”.

Robson Robie Mutimusakwa said: “If we have 80 percent of men like you in Zimbabwe nyika yedu ingadai iri yembavha nemhondi chete. As a man you are supposed to respect and protect women but unfortunately iwewe uribenzi unotopengawo zvako iwe. Chazvakanakira mari haitenge hunhu/ iwe pachako wega ndiwe unotozvisarudzira kuti unoda kuita hunhu or kwete. Pasi newe nStunner wako iyeye big up Olinda”.

Similar sentiments were shared by Farie Sue Chinyanga who posted: “I don’t think you quite get it. Olinda isn’t making a big deal about the fact that she takes care of Stunner. She is making a big deal about the fact that the broke a*s nig*a has a nerve to disrespect her to a point of bringing his skanks into a home that they are meant to be sharing. That surmounts to the highest level of disrespect. Stunner aitadza kuita chihure chake in secret kuma lodge here. It’s about the fact that she was standing by him as her man and he has spat in her face through his actions. Women support men all over the world. I agree she shouldn’t have aired their dirty laundry on social media but doesn’t excuse stunner for the way he has treated her”.

Source-H metro

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