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An enraged Anglican priest has threatened to axe his wife who has been refusing to sleep with him.

Father Climax Dewa (65) of St Annes Parish in Pumula South suburb, Bulawayo, was dragged to court by his wife Mrs Doris Dewa after he threatened to axe her. Mrs Dewa (38) applied for a peace order against her husband accusing him of physically, emotionally and psychologically abusing her and was granted the order in April last year.

Yesterday, father Dewa appeared before Western Commonage magistrate Ms Nyaradzo Ringisai charged with violating a protection order. The court heard that at one time the priest told his wife that she was a gold digger and used unprintable words to insult her. Father Dewa told the magistrate that his wife was disrespectful and was denying him his conjugal rights.

“She’s disrespectful and has become the new man in my house. She no longer treats me as her husband as was the case before,” said the priest. He said he was not insulting her but was telling her what she was.

“I was telling her, merely calling a spade a spade. I only told her what she is and I stand by that,” he said. Testifying in court, Mrs Dewa said: “He chased me out of our house and told me never to come back from work. I left him sleeping at home at around 7AM. I am now scared of going back home.”
Mrs Dewa reported the matter to the police leading to her husband’s arrest.

The magistrate warned and cautioned father Dewa and advised the couple to seek counselling.

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