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A top Zanu PF politician who romped with his small house without protection is now denying paternity of the child.

But Nancy Finnity from Entumbane suburb has laid bare her intimate and steamy escapades with Zanu-PF chairman for Matabeleland North Province Richard Moyo in court.

Finnity said she wanted the court to compel Moyo to support “his” seven-year-old child he has never supported since birth. She said she could not afford to look after their child alone as she was not employed.

“During our relationship we were engaging in sexual intercourse without protection and on several occasions, while I was also having sexual intercourse with my boyfriend using protection. That is why I am so sure that the child is his,” she said.

Moyo however, disputed Finnity’s claims and the paternity of the child. “The applicant was my girlfriend nine years ago and she got married to another man called Curtis Nkala. From that time I never saw her and only met her last year when she told me that she had broken up with Nkala and he was refusing the paternity of the child. She then sincerely requested me to support the child,” said Moyo.

When asked by the presiding magistrate Sheunesu Matova if he was denying the paternity of the child, Moyo said: “I am not the father of the child. This is so because if you are having a relationship with a woman and if she gets pregnant she is supposed to tell you and the applicant did not tell me of any pregnancy during the subsistence of our relationship. She only told me about the child when he is now seven years old”.

Finnity, however, maintained that Moyo was the father of her child saying even if they go for DNA tests the results would not exonerate him.

In his ruling the magistrate ordered Moyo to pay $60 per month as an interim maintenance pending the outcome of paternity results.

Source : B Metro

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