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SONGSTRESS Ammara Brown and her artistic director-cum-choreographer, John Cole, had a bust-up during rehearsals for the Miss Tourism Zimbabwe 2016 over her decision to perform Njabulo “Tytan” Nkomo’s hit track, Mukoko, on set without the latter as per the pageant organiser’s request.

Ammara and Cole parted ways unceremoniously following the row, which happened on the first day of rehearsals, amid accusations and counter-accusations of unprofessionalism.

Sources privy to the developments told NewsDay that there was already tension simmering between the two from as far back as May this year, as they were not seeing eye-to-eye over a number of undisclosed issues.

Although Ammara’s phone was unreachable yesterday, Cole confirmed that they had parted ways, but was tight-lipped over the circumstances.

Insiders, however, said it was not surprising that the pair had parted ways.

“Before resigning as choreographer and artistic director to Ammara Brown, it was evident that they had to grow as artistes and they had to go their separate ways to nurture that growth,” one insider said.

The other source confirmed that the fall out between the two was a sad scenario, “where one day, as a team, you would find yourself in a place where a team member forgot where they came from as an artiste and sacrificed the people that stood through thick and thin”.

The songbird is also being hauled into the spotlight for allegedly conning Tytan out of the privilege of performing at the prestigious Miss Tourism Zimbabwe.

Tytan professed ignorance over the request by the Miss Tourism Zimbabwe organisers for him to perform the track as an opening act before First Lady Grace Mugabe.

“I wasn’t invited, but I am currently in Johannesburg wrapping up my album. I am okay, actually. I am focused on moving to the next stage of my career,” he said.

Source: Newsday

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