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The pastor who staged a one man protest against President Mugabe’s misrule has returned with another stunt, this time chaining himself in First Street and demanding people to act.

Patrick Mugadza said : “I went into first street in the heart of Harare today and got myself chained to a pole. For the love of Zimbabwe I went on a preaching rampage for a good 1hr 30min, speaking about what we are
supposed to do as a nation to free ourselves from the ills which are taking place in our nation. I blasted the cowardice which is going on in our nation where the majority of our people are silent when nearly
everything is going the wrong direction on our watch.

When find yourself oppressed by a fellow countryman, surely you are in a worse than situation than under UDI. Your fellow knows that you can make do with anything so they push you knowing you will still move on with
your mouth shut. When they say ‘Indigenise!’ they will be saying we want to vendorize the people. Indeed nearly everyone is a vendor it just differs as to what one sells. Some are made to sell sweets and

sunglasses so that the nation doesn't get to see what's going on while they sell diamonds. They talk about the missing money at a birthday meaning they were not serious about what was lost which was going to
cover years of our fiscus.

Pastors and Prophets should stop telling people their names when the nation is going down like that. Until we stand up and go in the streets and demand our freedom we will watch the nation bleeding to death, while
we merely survive and barely get by. Industries have been turned into Universities so that should tell you there is no vision for Industrial capacitation or resurrection or whatever you may call it. Where will the
students work when they would have moved away the machinery and replaced it with desks? The President wants to cap people and sentence them to be asylum seekers or live forever unemployed. Something is wrong, people!

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