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Home Affairs Minister Ignatius Chombo says the planned mega demonstration by opposition political parties will be crushed.

“We have a moral duty to protect citizens of this country. We have a moral duty to protect people that do business in the CBD area so that they are not unnecessarily disrupted by these malcontents that were running around the city yesterday (Wednesday).

“Tsvangirai and his henchman Mutasa, they don’t seek permission from me. They seek permission from the respective officer commanding the district. If he/she says no, then they will not march. If they elect to march unlawfully, then they are breaking the law. The police are there to protect citizens against law breakers.”

Chombo condemned the violent protests in Harare on Wednesday that resulted in shops being looted, vehicles and a police post being burnt.

“In light of these disturbances, I wish to remind Zimbabweans that the security ministries are mandated to maintain law and order and to protect life and property,” said Minister Chombo. “Yesterday’s mayhem and chaos in the Harare central business district disrupted business, disrupted free movement of people, destroyed property and this is a gross violation of people’s democratic rights as enshrined in the nation’s Constitution.

“The burning that took place yesterday was premeditated. Those who organised it will be made to account. As law enforcement agents of this country, we will not be found wanting in defending the democratic rights of the Zimbabwean people. We will not tolerate any attempts, by any group of persons, political parties, civic organisations or individuals whose actions will undermine the peace and quiet that Zimbabwe enjoys today.”

Minister Chombo said malcontents who were bent on changing a democratically elected Government would face the full wrath of the law.

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