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THE MHONDORO man who fatally stabbed his sister-in-law has struck again.

Simbarashe Munakamwe who once stabbed his wife’s younger sister, who was in Form Three, last year to death returned to stab his wife 16 times leaving her badly wounded.

Simbarashe is on bail for last year’s murder case and on Friday night he attacked his wife identified as Mai Love who was rushed to Monera Clinic in the same area for treatment.

Simbarashe is on the run for stabbing his wife Mai Love at her rural home in Mhondoro.

The family has indicated its fears from dusk as they fear of Simbarashe’s strikes.

Simbarashe is reachable on the phone vowing that the police will not get him this time. He is also sending messages to his in-laws.

“God is healing me but on another side I use also juju, pa police forget and smile I’m done already for that issue. Thanks mhamha you want me to go back inside but for that case don’t get involved I’m totally out. Please give me a chance and time,” read one message he sent to his mother-in-law.

The other one read; “Mbuya waLove ndofunga ndakamboku textai ndichikudzai kuti mai Love muchawanyarira kana kuwanzwira tsitsi, nhasi mukuwanzwira tsitsi,” DADDY WA LOVE, NAKING PWR.

In an interview with H-Metro Mai Love said she doesn’t know how she is alive today because her husband was out for blood.

“I really thank God that I’m alive this day because I don’t even know how I’m alive today.

“I don’t know what this man still wants from me because since the day he killed my little sister I can’t find it in my heart to forgive him,” she said.

On the fateful day Simbarashe is said to have used the cover of darkness to ambush his wife who was sitting with her children.

“I think he must have been waiting for me lock the doors. What I only remember is that he tripped me when I was about get outside my bedroom.

“When I fell down he jumped on top of me and started stabbing me with the first stab on my forehead.

“The rest is history because he continued to stab me and I can’t recall how many times.

“What I know is that I woke up at the clinic,” she said.

She added:

“I tried to block the knife but he did not stop that is when I realized that he was up for blood.

“I thank my brother who came to the rescue when he heard my screams for help but he could not apprehend him as he used the cover of darkness to get away.

“When I woke up in hospital that is when I was told that I had been stabbed 16 times but some of the wounds are not deep.”

H-Metro managed to get in contact with Simbarashe who denied ever trying to kill his wife saying they are now in good books.

“Whatever they are saying are lies because these days I don’t visit their rural areas as I’m staying in Mutoko.

“That is not possible because when I went out of prison on bail we have been communicating and we even met each other several times.

“When we met in town we would book a room at Hotel Elizabeth where we would spend the whole night.

“If I wanted to kill her I could have done that during those nights, can’t you see that doesn’t make any sense,” he said.

“I don’t know where all that is coming from because I even send them money to support my family,” he said.

Mai Love’s mother Ruth Rundare had no kind words for her son-in-law whom she accused of trying to kill her other daughter.

“This man has brought a nightmare in my life and I don’t think I can ever forgive him.

“At first he killed my young daughter and now he is back to try and murder the other one. Now my family is living in fear because we don’t know what he will do next.

“Can you imagine everyone is getting indoors at 5pm and we can’t go outside any time after that?

“I don’t know if I would be able to forgive him for what he did,” she said.

She also said that one thing that hurts her the most is that he brags that nothing can be done to him because he also uses juju to evade the police.

Mai Love’s mother also told this publication that her son-in-law even sent a text message threating to kill her daughter but the message was deleted.

Ruth also said that he sends her messages on her phone but she doesn’t reply him.

Source: Hmetro

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