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A 15-year-old girl reportedly opted to have unprotected se_x with her 22-year-old boyfriend. This came to light at Chitungwiza magistrate court where Reuben Chikotsi pleaded guilty to charges of having se_xual intercourse with minor. Chitungwiza magistrate Blessing Murwisi will pass her sentence today.

During mitigation, Reuben told the court that the minor was the one who initiated the sexual encounter. “I never assumed she was a minor, I only got to know about it when her aunt showed me her birth certificate. She is so mature that is why our relationship lasted for six months because we were getting along together well.
On the day in question, I ended up sleeping with her because she was the one who invited me to her friend’s place where she was alone. I wanted to use protection but she opted that we have unprotected se_x,” said Reuben.

The state led by Edmund Ndambakuwa proved that on July 27 at around 2pm, the minor was in Zengeza 4, at one of her friends’ houses where Reuben visited her. While at the house, Reuben went on to have se_xual intercourse with the minor two times. The following day, the minor confessed to her aunt what had happened leading to Reuben’s arrest.

Source-H Metro

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