PLEASE HELP: I really love my boyfriend – but he has an extremely small pən!s


Hie Aunty Lisa

After a series of unsuitable boyfriends, I have met a wonderful loving man.

However, he has an extremely small pən!s. He can get an erection and we are able to have penetrative s_əx, but I often feel little to nothing, although he is a sensitive l0ver in other ways.

I am full of regret that, if this is to be my life partner, I might never be able to enjoy penetrative s_əx in quite the same way again.



Dear Worried!

If you really love him and he loves you too, explore different ways to have s_əx with him that do feel good to you. Most women will have an 0rgasm from receiving oral s_əx for instance — if it’s done properly.

It sounds like you’re both rather inexperienced so you might have to show him (with the lights on) where your clit0ris is and tell him to suck and lick it until you c0me. It might take ten minutes or more so you should both be patient.

Let him know when he’s got it right by saying, “Oh yeah, right there, don’t stop!” If it works, you should return the favor. Reward him by either letting him fuck you or giving him a bl0w job, whichever he prefers. Fair is fair. By the way, it’s not uncommon for some women to only have 0rgasms from receiving oral s_əx and that’s perfectly okay. You get to have your fun first — he gets his afterward.


Aunty Lisa

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