PLEASE HELP: I often dream about peeing and then wake up having wet the bed


Dear Aunty Lisa

I think I have a problem. I’m a 27 year old man. I often dream about peeing and then wake up having wet the bed. How do I stop?

– Worried


Dear Worried

It has actually happened to lots of people and it is termed as false awakening where you think that you’ve woken up and you do the same things as you usually do.

Many people have experienced waking up from a dream of going to the bathroom to find that they’ve either gone, are going, or really have to go. For most, this is a one-time occurrence and it’s nothing to worry about.

That occurs to people especially in a really deep sleep. The mind is sending the signal that the bladder is full but the person ignores it and perhaps is unaware of it. Then, at such a point, the signal is transferred in your subconscious mind and in your dreams.

If this is a repeated problem, however, you should seek help. It’s not the dream that’s causing the accident, it’s the fact your body isn’t waking up to its need to ur!nate.


Aunty Lisa

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