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My mbinga boyfriend doesn’t give me anything for free, he always wants lula lula in return – Help!

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Dear Aunty Lisa

I have a boyfriend who is very tight-fisted. His parents are wealthy and mine are very poor. Everything I want I have to kneel down before him and he doesn’t give me anything for free. He always wants s_əx in return. I give it to him because I really love him. He is 33. My parents love him and don’t want me to talk to anybody else.

He went away for a month and all he did was to call me. He didn’t send me any money. I wanted to go on an outing and my parents couldn’t help me, so I asked a friend to lend me some money until my boyfriend gets back. He gave me US$50 and told me I didn’t have to repay him because exchange is no robbery. I knew what he meant so I had s_əx with him in his car because I couldn’t take him home. He couldn’t take me to his house because he is living with his girlfriend. I was scared while we were having s_əx because the cond0m broke and he knew right away what had happen.

Since that time, my boyfriend came back and every time we have s_əx he tells me I am not the same. He says I don’t feel the same way as when he left me, so I must have been having s_əx with another man. I told him I did not cheat but he doesn’t believe me. I had s_əx once with the guy who gave me US$50. I would like to know how my boyfriend could know I had s_əx with another guy.

Do you think the one time I had s_əx with another guy could affect me so much that my boyfriend would know? I cannot tell him what I did. I am afraid he would beat me and leave me.

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