I got drunk and had lula lula with my best friend’s b0yfriend, here’s what happened


Hie Aunty Lisa

I made the horrible mistake of sləəping with my best friend’s boyfriənd after a night of binge drinking.

I got drunk last weekend and sləpt with my best friend’s boyfriənd. I’ve had a huge crush on my best friends b0yfriend for months.

I was already in l0ve with him before my bestie started dat!ng him (she didn’t know I l0ved him) anyway.

We were all drunk at her house watching a FIFA World Cup match. She passed out and her boyfriend carried her into the bedroom and put her to bed. Then he came and sat on the couch with me.

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I was feeling kind of vulnerable. I haven’t really dated in a while and went through a bad breakup a year ago. I put my head on his shoulder and hugged him but it was only in a brother-sister way. We’ve been cool since the whole 5 months they’ve been together.

I am not sure if he started it or I started it but we started kiss!ng. Then he took my hand and we tiptoed down to the laundry room like little kids and basically went for it. Clothes off, different positions, the whole nine yards. When it was over, I gave him my number and just broke out.

He called me and we made a pact that this would be our little secret. The next day he came to my house and we did it again. We can’t stop doing it.

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