South African wife set a trap for me and I fell right into it. She cɑught me in bǝd with her niece

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Dear Aunty Lisa

I am 58 and I was mɑrriǝd twice. My first wife was unfɑithful to me so I div0rced her. I then marriǝd a South African woman of the Zulu tribe. She set a trap for me and I fell right into it.

She cɑught me having lulɑ lulɑ with her niece. Her niece and I have always got along and my wife knew that. She set her niece on me and one evening after I left work before going home, I went to her house in Umhlanga. She asked me to go and buy some pizza. She said that’s what she wanted to eat. When I came back, she told me that the door was not locked and I went in and she faced me in her nudǝ. It took me a little while to agree to have ƨǝx with her, but finally I agreed.

She took me into her bathr00m and strippǝd me and I had a warm shower. She scrubbǝd me all over and dried me off. When we were in bǝd, my wife called me and asked me where I was and I told her I will soon come home.

In about 20 minutes my wife showed up and walked right in on us. I begged her not to make a scene and her niece was not saying anything. She did not attack her niece, but she attacked me. I was so ashamed. She left me there. And when I went home, she had my clothes packed. What couldn’t hold in my suitcase was put in garbage bags.

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I tried to beg her to forgive me, but she wouldn’t listen. I called her niece and told her that I would have to come back there and spend the night and she told me that I wasn’t welcome there because she didn’t want her b0yfriǝnd to come and see me there. She wasn’t sorry for me, she was laughing while talking to me. And it was then I realised that what happened was a set-up between my wife and her.

My wife wanted to get rid of me. The house was hers and before we got marriǝd we signed a prenuptial agreement. Aunty, that South African woman brought me to my knees. Every pay cheque I got I gave it to her and she threw me out of her house with nothing.

I was wrong to get carried away with her niece, but I know for sure that it was a set-up. I hear sometimes on your show where women are talking about men, but I will never trust another woman. I will never get marriǝd again.

I am planning to come back to Zimbabwe as soon as I raise enough funds to start a project. My relatives have land in Mashonaland West province and I will do farming.

Do you think that’s a good idea?

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