I had lulɑ lulɑ with my white boss’ son when I was in the UK. Should I tell my husband?

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Dear Aunty Lisa

Aunty I desperately need your help. Two years ago, I left Zimbabwe to seek greener pastures in the United Kingdom. Hubby lost his job during Covid pandemic and things tuned upside down. He agreed for me to leave. My brother got a job for me.

I decided to work for a year and then return to Harare to start an income generating project. Things happened so fast that I questioned myself how I could have made such a huge blunder. I got a job as a caregiver in Manchester. I enjoyed it. After working for five months I was asked if I would stay on.

I informed hubby and he was against it, but he later agreed after I showed him what I would be earning per month. I then realised that my boss’ son was interested in me. I resisted him at first, not just because he was my boss, but because he was mɑrriǝd, and I was also mɑrriǝd. He had a sweet tongue and he showed me how he could help me to stay well in England.

One day he came to his dad’s home and I observed that he was hanging around. I don’t know what got over me, but when he held me, I became weak in my knees and instead of resisting him, I gave in.

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He kiƨƨǝd me and I started to tremble. He told that he wanted to have lulɑ lulɑ with me the next day and I said it’s okay. Next day he came back prepared to have ƨǝx with me, but it didn’t happen. During that time, he had raised my pay by 300 pounds.

I decided that I would stay. Then his father died and he had no need for me anymore. By that time, we had had ƨǝx ten times. He said that he would get me another job, but I decided to come back to Zimbabwe.

I am back home. My visa is still good. Sometimes when my husband holds me, I feel so guilty, but I want to tell him that I was unfaithful but I fear he will leave me. He has never asked me if I was ever unfaithful. He wouldn’t expect me to be unfaithful to him. But my marriage, aunty, has never been the same.

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