I caught my uncle’s wife red-handed having se_x with garden boy, now she wants me to sleep with her


Hie Aunty Lisa

I caught my uncle’s wife having se_x with her garden boy in her husband’s bedroom. My purpose of writing is to get people’s opinion on what to do.

I arrived Harare about six months ago to stay with my uncle and his wife. By the way, their marriage is about four years old but without kids.

During the last week of May my uncle travelled abroad on business. One day i went to the National Employment Council offices to look for a job. There wasn’t much activity there so I decided to go back home early. On getting to our mansion, I didn’t find the garden boy outside and I was very angry because the gate was open.

But something got me worried when I saw the garden boy’s sandals right inside our sitting room. I just told myself that something was going on between my uncle’s wife and this dirty boy. I was right, when I moved close to the window of my uncle’s bedroom I started hearing screams of se_xual pleasure from his wife. I tried to peep into the room but it was difficult because of the key that was inserted on the keyhole. I moved same few steps back.

So, I summoned courage and walked to the door as if I wanted to tell my uncle’s wife that I was back. I opened the door and caught the adulter0us woman red-handed groaning in pleasure under the dirty garden boy. Sadly, the garden boy was already ejacu_lating so he couldn’t get up immediately, it took him few seconds to jump off and grab his clothes.

I simply walked away and returned to the sitting room, pretending to be watching a programme on the TV. Few minutes later my uncle’s wife joined me and started begging that it would not happen again. I didn’t say a word but when she kept pressing I said ok I’ve heard. Later she brought food for me but I refused it and since then she has been putting pressure on me.

The unfortunate thing is now she even wants me to sleep with her as an assurance that I wont tell my uncle, always coming to my room half nak_ed. Because of this I’ve not been eating in the house since then, I’m almost going broke already.

My uncle may be back next week. I would like people with more experience to tell me what to do when he comes back. Should I tell my uncle the kind of wife he married or quietly move out?

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