I impre_gnated my best friend’s wife


Dear Aunty Lisa

I am engaged to my girlfriend and we are planning to get married. I have always wanted to get married to a Christian girl and I have found one. She does not give me any trouble. But some people told her that I am a wild man and she should not have anything to do with me.

She discusses these things with me and I told her that I have changed. I believe I have convinced her, but the devil is still in my way because I am faced with a problem, and it is bigger than I can handle.

I have a friend and he is married. I go to his house all the time. Before he got married to this woman, she and I had se_x a few times. All of us were at a wedding reception recently and he had to go on night duty. So he asked me if I could take his wife home when I was leaving. I agreed.

This woman and I saw it as another opportunity to play around. I didn’t take her straight to her house. She was already under her liquor. I took her to a certain place and even before I parked, she was all over me. I told her I did not have any c0ndom. She said she couldn’t get pre_gnant because she was within her safe period. I didn’t understand what she was saying. But she said that she practises the rhythm method and she knew that she was safe and could not get pre_gnant.

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This woman was so eager to have se_x. I accepted what she said and we had our time. Now, I am not feeling so comfortable. I am in distress because this woman is now telling me that she believes that she is pre_gnant. And she knows that I am the one responsible for her pre_gnancy, because her husband doesn’t have se_x with her without using a c0ndom. He even sleeps with a c0ndom under his pillow.

Aunty, her husband and I play chess together. He trusts me with his wife. He never knew that both of us had se_x before they got married. When he wanted to propose to her, he came to me and told me, and I encouraged him.

How can I deal with this matter? I cannot tell my girlfriend that I got my friend’s wife pre_gnant. I am so confused over this matter.

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