Should I tell my sister that her husband wants to sleep with me?


Hi Aunty

I started living with my sister in 2015 because my parents wanted me to change from one environment to another. They also felt that I was hanging around or too many men were hanging around me; so they wanted to protect me. My sister’s husband too wasn’t happy with some of the stories he was hearing about me; and thought the best thing to do was to bring me to stay with the two of them. Little did I know that he had other things up his mind.

It didn’t take him long to start showing his true intentions. In 2014, after spending only four months with them, my sister’s husband started buying me all kinds of gifts. He became so nice that we became very close friends. As a matter of fact, he never denied me anything I asked because he saw me as someone he needed to be good to. My sister and I never read any negative thing into his ‘kindness.’

Despite not having a good reputation in the area where I grew up in, the last thing that will ever cross my mind is sleeping with my sister’s husband; but that is what he wants me to do.

He would sometimes burst into my room while I am dressing up and would just smile and leave. Sometimes he would put his arm around my neck and hold me so closely to him. At 22, I am not too young and naive to know when a man is making passes at me; so his messages and body languages were well understood—but he picked the wrong woman.

So one day, towards the end of 2016 when he couldn’t bear it anymore, he asked me to meet him at a hotel far away from where we live. I played along with him because I was convinced that nothing in this world would make me cheat on my sister, let alone with her husband who is also the father of her two lovely kids.

After spending a couple of minutes chatting with him at the hotel lounge, he asked us to go upstairs. I was fuming inside of me as he was uttering those words of perdition, but something inside of me retrained me from yelling at him. So I decided to follow him to one of the rooms to at least tell him my mind without a third party hearing us. When we got in there, I asked him why he wanted me to break my sister’s home; and that was when he released a bombshell.

He recounted how his wife (my sister) had cheated on him the first few months of their marriage. He said she really hurt him then, and has been looking for means to get back at her, and felt I would help him to accomplish it. I sat there for almost 30 minutes not able to say a word because I was too shocked. He said he would take care of me if only I allowed him to sleep with him. As a matter of fact, he said sleeping with me would make him feel better. Initially I played along with his plans, but ran out of the hotel room as soon as he went to the rest room.

I haven’t told anyone about it, but he has not stopped pleading with me to keep it a secret. I feel unsafe in the house, and I am thinking of taking my leave before he hurts me.

I don’t have any proof of our discussion; but at least I know that I can convince my sister based on the secret that her husband told me about cheating on him a few months into their marriage. At least no one else knew about it before her husband told me.

However, I don’t want to destroy my sister’s marriage; but what if her husband decides to get back at her through someone else? A man who has been carrying or bearing grudges against his wife for some years now is capable of doing anything.

Now that the cookie has crumbled, what should I do? Should I open to my sister or just pack my things and move back to my parent’s place? What if they ask me why I returned back home?

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